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Siteground Buy Domain

I should note though that the price goes up after 12 months and it is a little pricey but definately worth it, as the support is outstanding. Ive been recommending all my clients to siteground and even setup an affiliate program with them recently.

siteground buy domain

Highly recommended overall, though i would say that if you need a dedicated or cloud server then siteground is a little pricey in my opinion, but for wordpress and and other sites with moderate traffic its PERFECTTT

I can definitely recommend siteground, and the reason is the awesome support team, without any exaggeration. You can simply start a chat and within minutes they will be helping you out, always friendly and accurate, until the last question or problem is completely solved. The feeling that even with the cheapest wordpress-plan I can get such a terrific support, makes me recommend siteground to everybody. To know that whenever you have a question, they will answer you accurately and quick, is really comforting. Please keep it up folks, you all deserve a big thank you! Another big plus is their serverspace in Amsterdam, which is great for European users like me.

I love Siteground. Gorgi, is fantastic! Patient, thorough, and easy to understand. The best part about siteground support is that great support is the norm, not the exception. Thank you to the entire siteground support team. You guys rock!

More than one time I ran in trouble. But at anytime the siteground serviceteam had assisted with an outstanding performance. Frankly, according my experience there is no IT-Company in the world which can beat siteground. Gorgeous!

I am amazed at the support we get from siteground, nothing is too difficult and everything is done so quickly! Our previous provider took days just for a simple task and everything seemed to be an additional cost. I highly recommend siteground

A while back I purchased a domain through siteground. I have a build a react app that I just deployed at Heroku and want to point the domain located at siteground to the app. However I'm having some issues with it. I need to add it to the cname record but I have no idea how. I have tried it now by making a cname record for [www] with resolves to erwer1234adadad.herokudns .com which is the (* however it's still not working (

1.Go to APP -> settings-> under domain section add below Go to resources-> add PointDNS addon,Verify by clicking on pointDNS3. Copy all NS records from dataplug to pointDNS4. Update NS issued by pointDNS (, in siteground

I have tried siteground as well bluehost. In terms of shared hosting siteground is good but once your traffic reacher 100K a month including the bots/robot you will experience site down time a lot and in case if you completely use your resource your site will be down till the next billing period. Same goes to blue host.

I am also fed up with hostgator service, their service has been changed a lot not planning to switch to siteground. but their GrowBig plans also says that 25,000 Visits Monthly only, but I get about 50000 visits in a month. is it okay if I go for this plan ? 041b061a72

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